Friday, February 23, 2007

Finally found a Reliable Novelty diploma website

After being scammed in the past. I've finally found a reliable Novelty diploma printer/website they do offer the best quality diplomas and transcript.

Even their website dare offer to show you template or samples of real diploma, GCSE, transcript of real school. And I must say that I'm impressed, not any other website out there show you a blank copy of the school diploma or transcript. Why a blank copy?

Reason are most scammers would just borrow or found these diploma template from someone out there and claimed that it was done by them. Instead of showing us a blank copy they display a copy with the completed major, the name of the holder, grad date,etc info. DO NOT fall for this its NEVER their work which they claim. INSIST of asking them to show you a BLANK COPY of the diploma or transcript ask them to hold the copy and use a digital camera to take shots of the diploma or transcript ensure the background are taken as well.

This way you can be certain they actually have the capabilities of duplicating novelty diplomas refer to see their sample diploma and transcript it should be this way.


Asz said...

this is helpful

Asz said...
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Asz said...

what do you think about they have secure payment by credit card..

ethanparker said...

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