Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Five Reasons Why We Do Not Accept Credit Cards or Paypal...
  • We Like To Review Customer Orders Before Accepting Payments
    The first and foremost reason why we do not offer an online "shopping kart" or online payments is because we simply like to review each order before accepting payment and committing to producing the order. It can be quite time consuming to refund an online credit card order that has already been processed, so we have made it a habit of reviewing customer orders before providing payment instructions. Quite often, we receive orders that conflict with our policies, morals, or are simply illegal. If a customer places an order and pays for an item on our website that could be considered illegal, technically, we have sold that item. Various government agencies could then have the right to shut us down and press charges before we ever have the chance to refund that order. For example, we sometimes receive orders from countries we do not ship to, such as Iraq, Iran, Afganistan, or Pakistan. Although the majority of our products are simply novelty items and you must agree when ordering not to use our products for purposes such as obtaining employment, our products can be incredibly realistic and we just don't want to leave some things to chance.
This is sheer BS, why should you review customers? I thought it goes the other way round. Conflict with policies, morals? (Do you have any?) or are simply illegal? Ya bla...bla...bla..
  • Secure Online Payment Transactions
    Making online credit card transactions truly secure can be an difficult and expensive process. It also puts a significant responsibility on the merchant and how and where they store their records. There are in fact other "fake diploma" websites that appear to have secure online credit card processing, but in reality, their websites are anything but. On some "fake diploma" websites, just about anybody with the proper motivation can view all the information you submit to them. This doesn't include the site owner(s) and employees which have also sometimes been know to not be the most honest people. DiplomaXpress.com would rather leave it to the professionals. Making your payment in person at a Western Union or MoneyGram location or submitting your payment through their respective web sites is one of the most secure ways to transfer funds. DiplomaXpress.com or its employees will never ask you for any credit card information.
This is supposed to be the most unsecured way to pay by Western Union and Moneygram. See how they talk you into it. Legitimate business would accept paypal or Credit card whats so difficult ? Expensive? If you cant bear the charges you shouldnt be in business. Now enlighten us about secure online credit card processing huh! Its not safe huh? Any moron would know that nowadays credit card merchant have security features like VERISAVE, etc SSL Encripted to protect credit card info. So if there is any charges which you had not authorized you may ask for a charge back.

Whats the issue about this?
  • International Payment Issues
    DiplomaXpress.com receives orders from countries all over the world. Unfortunately, many merchant account providers (the banks that process credit card transactions) and online payment services such as Paypal, simply will not process transactions if the card holder lives outside the U.S., Canada, or the U.K.
This is sheer BS, Paypal had a list of approved countries which they can process their payment. If you hold a credit card outside the US, Canada or the UK they will be gladly process it. Another lame excuse.

  • Credit Card Fraud
    Credit card fraud seems to be more of an issue for our specific type of business than many other types of online stores, web sites, and businesses. For one example, we have found that often times teenagers or young adults will use their parent's credit card to place an order with us and when the parents receive the credit card bill, they call their credit card company and complain, which often leads to the charges being refunded. Considering the time, effort, and expense it takes to produce and ship our products, we simply can't afford to loose money in this manner.
Look who's the fraud here! See they are afraid of getting chargeback if they dont deliver. Credit card company or Paypal require a proof of shipping in case of dispute by providing an Airwaybill number. So if they dont ship file a complaint.
  • "Merchant Account" Providers
    Even though what we do is legal, a lot of credit card processors or "merchant account providers" and online payment services such as Paypal refuse to accept credit card transactions for our type of business because they categorize us as "high-risk". Additionally, many banks that do offer "high-risk" merchant accounts charge very high rates on credit card transactions and have additionally been known to disappear while owing merchants, such as ourselves, thousands, hundreds of thousands, and in some cases, millions of dollars. Some other "fake diploma" web sites that do accept credit cards generally lie to the credit card processors about the types of products they sell and therefore are constantly having their accounts either frozen or in risk of being frozen. This adds to the risk that if you purchase from these merchants and their account(s) are frozen, you may not end up receiving what you paid for.
What high risk? You are offering Novelty diploma dont you? A service oriented industry Paypal or Merchant accounts would approved. Unless youre a scam website then the story is different.

See how pathetic these excuse are!

The above is excerpt from DiplomaXpress.com stay away from them they are another SCAMMER.

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