Tuesday, November 14, 2006

nd-center.com is a SCAM

Beware www.nd-center.com is another SCAM website that will take your hard earned money and not deliver. I get to know some guys on chat room that had been duped into paying them.

Here's a email they send me:

Dear Sir,
I recently sent this nd-center $400 for a diploma and transcript.
They acknowledged receipt of the payment but when I e-mail them to
ask about progress, they ignore me. It is now almost a month since
they received my payment.
Do you have any idea as to whether these people are just rip off artists?
I'd really appreciate your comments.
Many thanks,

They accept Western Union as the only mode of payment, its unsafe and risky paying them most scammers can pick up the money easily. Beware if anyone suggest wire transfer, cash or western union, forget about it !

Worst of all www.nd-center.com was reviewed by http://www.fakediploma-review.com/
Do not trust any review written here as they actually owned the website, they are trying to give very good review. So look up the list see who's the highest rated you'll probably know ITS A SCAM.

BEWARE do not send any money by CASH, WESTERN UNION and WIRE TRANSFER.
Insist on PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD only. Its the most secured mode of payment, scammers wouldnt risk having their account terminated or revealing the ID.


Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

Diploma Center www.nd-center.com is a perfect example of how a well run scam site is run. The beauty of this site is that you can only contact them via e-mail. Nothing can trace back to them. I lost 250USD to learn that lesson. You have to pay with Western Union and PayPal is only an option if you’re a previous customer. It smells bad already I know but they are scammers and it’s their job to play dirty. Their site is well made reassuring you that they have the best “100% Authentic” and nothing comes close. In fact most of their samples can be make on a computer. Another thing I found funny is that they have to defend themselves against other companies and even customers claiming the customer is a competitor! Talk about confusing the situation even the customer who really is a competitor is against them. What a great idea, make people think a real customer is secretly the competition. They say its underhanded and disgusting how other sites do business trying to look like the victim when in fact you’re the victim.

Picture this, you find a site that claims to sell replica diplomas, for whatever reason you place your order. They have your name, address and maybe even a phone number to confirm your package when it arrives. Money is sent via Western Union………
(Non traceable) and then you don't receive your order. Now, you might be upset even angry and when you confront the vendor they state your order can't be processed thank you very much and have a nice day. What do you do? Get angry demand your money back of course. Right? Well it would be the case instead they have all of your details and basically threaten you saying they are no longer allowed to create the type of diploma you requested. Also if you file a report they will take all of your information to the authorities. Mmm pretty clever huh? Word of advice, do your research and don't let these guys with their tricky tactics take your money,

Some questions to ask these companies.

Do you accept PayPal?
Do you have contact information besides an email? Landline\Address
Can I see your templates? (Be careful with names smudged out)
Can you hold the document in your hands that you claim to of made? Anyone can make a sample on their computer.

If they say no to pretty much everything above then it’s a good chance it’s a scam but remember they might make excuses and excuses won’t get your money back.

Alan said...

I sent these guys money..so far every time I did a follow up with them on my order status they responded quickly. They have sent me an email saying my order has shipped and that they will give me the order tracking number on Mon, Sept, 5th so I can pay for the shipping fee.

So i dont know, if this website is infact a scam..does anyone know of any other sites where they for sure do in FACT send you what you pay for?

Jennifer said...

Has anyone found a legit site?

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