Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Lets Post Here for Updates on Scammers

Dear Pal,

Very likely most of us are being scammed if you are able to find my blog, one way we can fight against them is to post here or send me an email if you wish to report a scam. I will update the latest "modus operandi" of these scammers.

For these still hesitating to buy any diploma or transcript feel free to email me, I will give you some valuable tips and clue on identifying scammers. I gather the latest list of scammers name their website and also the way they operate.

Lets fight these THIEVES, SCUMBAG!!!

Share with us your experience with vendors or diploma website that you had dealt with in the past or current. Let us know the outcomes. It would save someone out there in dire needs of a novelty diploma.

Warmest regards,
Rolando G

1 comment:

Mohamad said...


Could you give me your opinion for the DiplomaReplication.AndMuchMore.com. and www.fakediplomareviewsite.or. Are these two scam?

Thank you.